6 Pokevision Alternatives: Pokemon Go Trackers That Still Work

Pokemon Go is the talk of not just the town but the whole universe probably since the last two weeks. There have been a lot of Pokemon Go hacks, tweaks and cheats that people are trying to use to be the best. One of them was the Pokevision app which has been shut down by Niantics since it was against the policies of the game. Today we have compiled a list of Pokevision alternatives which can be used to find Pokemon on the map so that you can find rare Pokemon which you want to catch. There alternatives to Pokevision app are the best as rated by many of the users in the Pokemon Go community as well as on reddit. So before making any more delays let us start and download Pokevision alternatives.

What is Pokevision? Why is Pokevision Not Working?

best pokevision alternatives

it is important for you to know why Pokevision has stopped working and the reason why we decided to find all the Pokevision alternatives for you guys. Well, Niantic has officially removed the footsteps or the 3 step glitch from Pokemon Go and also disabled majority of the Pokemon tracking websites that used their API.

Pokevision was basically a websites that showed the players the exact Pokemon that would spawn around them in their area and how long would they be there. But unfortunately, their maps do not work any longer and below is what they said about it on Twitter.

pokevision twitter

New Pokemon Tracker | Pokemon Tracker App

A lot of services which were using the Pokemon Go API have been banned by Niantic and even received a letter informing cease and desist before their shutdown. Some of the services to name which are banned are Pokevision, Poke Radar, Pokewhere, PokeNotify and the Pokemon Go Map on reddit.

So now what? There are millions of players still looking for the new Pokemon tracker app which they can use to complete their Pokemon collection in Pokemon Go. So what are the alternatives to Pokevision and other such apps? Well, here’s the surprise for you all, head over to the below section to check all the Pokevision alternative websites that we have found so that you all can still find Pokemon on the map in real time.


Best Pokevision Alternatives To Find Pokemon in Pokemon Go

To counter Niantics, the developers and some Pokemon Go enthusiasts have still not left their hopes and are still creating services to help people find Pokemon using the local maps. These websites or apps have non-cloud based servers and haven’t been officially banned by Niantics. Though we certainly recommend you to use them with your alternative accounts so as to keep your main Pokemon Go account safe while playing and catching Pokemons!

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1. Compass For Pokemon

Compass for Pokemon is a great Pokevision alternative which was developed by a user who also claimed on Reddit that he developed this a week ago and aims to overlay a small compass inside the Poekmon Go game. Though the app is a bit slow but one of the guys commented that he was able to catch Growlithe using this. It’s available for Android and the developer has no plans to create an iOS version of Compass for Pokemon as well. A good thing to know here is that the developer forces you to create a Pokemon Trainer Club account specifically to use this app so that your main accounts are safe, yes the Google account won’t work with this alternative to Pokevision. Look for the download link below!

Download Compass For Pokemon

2. PokeAlert – Pokevison Alternative for iOS

PokeAlert is an iOS app that is the Pokevision alternative for iOS devices. The users have reported that the app isn’t very accurate but some were able to catch some Pokemons using it. It shows the true realtime locations of all Pokémon, unlike other apps that only show previous sightings as well as a timer below each Pokémon shows how long they’ll still be at that spot. They say that the huge increase in the number of users using their app has made old spawns to look as new ones. They are fixing it so all iOS users can try this app.

Download PokeAlert for iOS

3. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is another Pokevision alternative website which is crowd-sourced and has a unique feature of filtering which Pokemons to show around your area. Yes, you can actually select what Pokemons to show or not by choosing them from the filter. The only problem is that Skiplagged will probably work only in the bigger cities since its crowdsourced, though you can always try it in your city, who knows how lucky you are!

Visit Skiplagged

4. Pokebuddy Bot Pokemon Go : Amazing Pokemon Go bot for Windows and Mac!!

5. Pokemap Live

This is the Android version or app of the Skiplagged which all the users can use as Pokevision alternative for Android. It shows a real-time map of all the pokemon in your area available for catching in the Pokémon Go game. You just need to simply launch the Pokemap Live app and you’ll see a live crowdsourced map of all the pokemon found by the users using this app. If your area doesn’t have many pokemon on the map, you can log in to your game account and the app will simulate walking around, finding pokemon. That’s how easy it is to use this new Pokemon tracker app.

Download Pokemap Live

6. Pokemon Go Map : Run Your Own Scanner [BEST WAY]

This is probably the best way to find Pokemons nearby your area from all the methods listed since it involves running your own scanner. It’s a lot better to run your own scanner than using the third party apps or websites because  whenever Niantic makes changes to stop trackers (as you saw with PokeVision and other sites breaking recently), you can just adjust your scanner settings and get around it rather than waiting for someone else to fix it.  You can even receive notifications on your computer if you use this method.

To use, download the MAP corresponding with your operating system under Downloads. Install and open the app. Get your Google Maps key, paste it in, and log in with a non-Pokemon GO Google account. Users are reporting that they run it from their computer, connect via a mobile browser, and get alerts when a Pokemon they are interested in has spawned nearby.


pokemon go map tracker

Another Way: To use this Pokemon Go Map on your computer, you need to follow the full procedure mentioned (HEREor you can even follow the video tutorial below to download Pokemon Go Map and start tracking Pokemons nearby your area.



7. Trackemon

Trackemon is a great Pokevision alternative website which allows you to track Pokemon around your area and find Pokemons by using their service. Just enter your location and click on ‘Click to Scan’ and in some time, they will display all the Pokemons you can catch around your area. There might be some glitches here and there but apart from that, it works well. Below is a screenshot of how it looks like!

trackemon app

These were all the potential Pokevision alternatives we could find for you from around the web. Well, there are chances that they might not work at times but yes at the moment, they are the best ones present and you can start using the pokevision alternative website, pokevision iOS alternative or the pokevision alternative for Android to catch Pokemons which you love.

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