Clash of Clans May 2017 Update: APK, Release Date & Latest News

Millions of players across the globe have been waiting for the new Clash of Clans update May 2017. According to their official blog, they have been working really hard on one of the biggest CoC updates this year. All the fans are on their toes to download the new update and try out the improved features and new adventures.

clash of clans update may 2017 apk

However, there are always some update info which are swirling around from the developers, on the forums or by people under the NDA from Supercell.

We since just own a blog and being the Clash of Clans fans, we are always looking out for any updates, leaks or new advancements in the community that we can share with our readers.

Clash of Clans Update: May 2017 (Broken Boat)

On May 3rd 2017, Supercell uploaded a small video to give us a hint about the all new CoC update. The Hog rider, Wizard & Barbarian were thinking out a way to cross a river and hence they finally come to a conclusion to use a boat sitting idle near the shore. Though they had some weird ideas like Hog Rider thinking “Being thrown by a Giant with superforce..”, Wizard thinking to be “flew by hanging at a Dragon’s feet” and more.

The All Aboard Clash of Clans released the “Captain’s Log”, which is a cool series of videos which takes us step by step nearer to this new massive update. The Wizard, Barbarian & the Hog Rider are all on the boat to explore the new possibilities and to fine a new land as they sail towards the horizon.

But will they find something? The answer to this question has finally been revealed in the latest Captain’s Log: Day 5 video which you can watch below.

Clash of Clans Release Date: May 2017 Update (ShipWreck)

So as we follow along the whole video series, it becomes clear in the Captain’s Log: Day 5 video clip that the gang has finally discovered the new land and this clearly depicts that the new update is coming out real soon, maybe in the next couple of days. We think it will be probably out on 23rd May 2017 but who knows? We will keep updating you on the latest news, so make sure you bookmark this post and keep an eye out on this.

Clash of Clans Balancing Update (May 2017)

Along with the new massive update that Supercell has been planning, there will be a balancing update for your home village as well. it basically will be focused towards powering up late-game spells and helping them grind through Town Hall level 9. According to the CoC official blog, here are the new additions/changes in the balancing update,

  • NEW: Clone Spell level 5 (Town Hall 11)
  • Clone Spell levels 1-5 clone capacity increased • Clone Spell level 3 now available at Town Hall 10

Weak Clone Spells are underwhelming, especially at Town Hall 10, so we’ve unlocked more cloning capacity. The newest Clone Spell reaches 40 capacity, letting you get 8 Balloons or even 2 Dragons per spell!

  • NEW: Freeze Spell level 6 (Town Hall 11)

When facing off against the Eagle Artillery, every second of a Freeze Spell counts. The newest level helps to give your troops the time they need.

  • NEW: Heal Spell level 7 (Town Hall 10)

The utility of Heal Spells becomes quite limited against the heal-blocking effects of the Inferno Tower. A new level will help make those healing opportunities more compelling.

  • 7th Gold Mine and Elixir Collector now available at Town Hall 9 (was 10)

Resources are tight on Town Hall 9, so giving earlier access to these collectors will help ease the grind.

  • Bomb damage INCREASED

This highly important change ensures that one Bomb will always destroy a Wall Breaker of equal level.

  • Balloon attack rate INCREASED

Balloons have enjoyed very high use rates since their latest “fast drop” balancing. This change doesn’t affect the speed of the fast drop or damage per second, but an increased attack rate means each bomb does less damage. This softens their initial attack, but makes follow-up attacks happen sooner.

Upgrade Time/Cost Discounts:

  • Freeze Spell levels 1-5
  • Clone Spell levels 1-5
  • Heal Spell levels 4-5

Download Clash of Clans 9.24.1 APK: May 2017 Update

App Name: Clash of Clans (Download)
Category: Games
Uploaded: May 2017
File Size: 68.62 MB
File Verified

[Update: 21/5/2017] : Confirmed News

  • Not Town Hall 12
  • No level 13 walls.
  • It’s unique from any update, and it’s huge.
  • There will be no new hero levels in this update.
  • There will be a boat that needs repairing.
  • There will be an achievement called “Un-Build It”.
  • The update is planned for May 2017.
  • Versus battles? – True

[Update: 22/5/2017] : Clash of Clans 9.24.1 Released!

  • Build a completely new base: the Builder Base!
  • Defend with Crusher, Multi Mortar, Push Trap
  • Troops with abilities – Sneaky Archer, Cannon Cart
  • VS Battle mode, Gem Mine – a whole new Clash!


There have been speculations that the new Coc Update will have a new game mode known as “Versus Battle” which will be similar to the 1-on-1 Clash Royale style. However, all the facts and features of this new update will be confirmed once it’s released. We will be updating you on every news and will also provide the latest CoC update APK download link. Be patient while Supercell does it’s magic and you will soon be enjoying the all new Water themed Clash of Clans update. Cheers!

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