How to Download Fly GPS APK for Pokemon Go Hack [NO ROOT]

How to play Pokemon Go without moving/walking?: It’s been a month since Pokemon Go has been released and the hype didn’t wear off. The augmented reality game had not only took the world by storm but also created a significant change in the day-to-day lives of people, especially teenagers. The Android & iOS based app even without battling techniques or special features enthralled the gamer world because of the simplicity it has and the outline that followed the prominent 90’s anime, “Pokemon.” The main feature that hooked the users is the GPS based gaming procedure in which you need to walk around to catch the Pokemon, train them and then battle them against others. Let’s learn how to play fly gps pokemon go !

While things seem to be pretty easy as we put it, the Pokemon collection entirely depends on our server connection and therefore people are ending up catching the same Pokemon again and again which is bringing them on the verge of quitting the game. As a rescue came different Pokemon Go apps that can hack the game. One among such apps is the Fly GPS APK. Through Fly GPS Pokemon Go Hack, one can spoof their location and play the game with ease. The procedure of Fly GPS download is easy and straightforward too.

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What is Fly GPS Android?

Fly GPS is an android based app that helps in spoofing the GPS location while playing the Pokemon Go. By installing the app on your Android device, one can get an explicit hack that can enable the gamer to fake the location and also helps in catching the Pokemon near that particular location. In other words, you can just do a simple Fly GPS APK download, sit at an appropriate place and play the game without taking the stress of the walking or running.

If you want the Fly GPS English apk, you should probably check out the next section because currently it has been renamed to ‘Fake GPS’ and it’s available only in Chinese language. But you do not need to worry since we have the Fly GPS Pokemon Go tutorial below and you can easily follow it to play Pokemon Go Fly GPS hack.

[UPDATE] Fly GPS Pokemon GO Hack

We would like to let you know guys that you need to make sure that you use another Google account while trying to play Fly GPS Pokemon Go game because we have been facing issues and many people have recently complained of being soft banned so to keep your main accounts safe, we recommend you to use other Google account to play Pokemon Go using Fly GPS 4.0.2 app.

How to Download Fly GPS APK Pokemon Go – Step by Step Procedure:

  • The first step involves downloading the Fly GPS 4.0.2 APK. As you are here searching for the hack, we assume that you have already downloaded the game. If not, you need to install Pokemon Go even before installing the spoofer app

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Download here

Download here


  • Once you’ve installed, go to the Settings>About Phone. From there, access the build number and tap seven repetitive times on it to activate the feature of ‘Developer Options’
  • Navigate back to the home screen and access the settings again. Now, you can see the Developer Options active. From the drop-down menu, click on “Select Mock Location App” and select “” from the popup menu

fly gps download

  • Close the settings and go back to the home screen. Once again go to Settings>Location. Set the GPS mode to the highest accuracy irrespective of the network be it WiFi or Mobile Data. Use GPS option and Bluetooth for precision

download fly gps apk

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  • Now, find the Fly GPS app from the interface and launch it. As soon as the map appears, select a particular location and then tap on the desired location. Then, click “Please select the menu”. From the options, select “GPS Service Run” that gives a Popup

fly gps pokemon go hack

  • Go through the Popup menu and select “Joystick Location Mode” and you’re done. Close everything and launch the Pokemon Go game from the tray menu. You will have a joystick moving around through which you can fake your location

fly gps apk download


Fly GPS Not Working FIXED | Fly Gps This Version does not work correctly lowered solved

It might be possible that due to some reasons the Fly GPS not working problem would arise and you would not be able to run fly gps apk. So we have some solutions for the fly gps not working fix, read them below.

  • Delete the Fly GPS app and Pokemon Go, re-download and install both of them, this will work well
  • Try downloading GPS Status which can help you to check your GPS status and download fresh A-GPS data regularly
  • Delete all those apps like ‘Advanced Task Killer’ and other such apps that kill background apps to speed up your phone, they might kill the GPS as well. We hope these Fly gps not working solutions will help you out!

Through Fly GPS APK, one can easily level up the game. In situations where you’re living in rural areas or areas without much Pokemon to find or in areas where you’re finding Pokemon like Pidgey or Rattata again and again, this app will be beneficial to use even without rooting your Android device!

However, one downside of the app is that if you use it more frequently, there is a high chance that the game developers will find it, and your game will be nullified through banning and as a result, you will end up with nothing because of the greed. Use the fly gps app wisely and have fun playing the game. Stay tuned for more features for non-rooted devices!

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