How to Download GameGem for iOS and Hack SimCity Buildit

Download GameGem iOS: Brace yourselves as I bring to you the best iOS games hack ever. Gamegem for iOS is a new Cydia app which allows you to hack a lot of games on your iOS device. If you are tired to play those games where it takes you ages to earn and collect the items in order to power up your character and advance through the game, Gamegem cydia app will allow you to hack games like SimCity, Final Fantasy or Clash of Clans maybe.

I have seen my friends getting lazy by daily following the same things just to know how it looks after reaching a higher level in the games like SimCity, Final Fantasy and so on. But let me tell you that this takes on a lot of your time and there should be a way to overcome this. So this post is basically about how you can use this amazing Cydia a called Gamegem and hack SimCity Builtit, Final Fantasy and many other games on your iPhone or iPad in just few simple steps.

How to Download GameGem for iOS 9.3.3/9/8 for Free

download gamegem

There are a few prerequisites for downloading and GameGem install for iOS. Since GameGem no jailbreak is not available, below are the things you need before you download GameGem on your iOS devices.

  1. A jailbroken iPhone or iPad
  2. Installed Cydia app
  3. Bigg Boss default repo

How to Install GameGem on iPhone/iPad

Once you go through the above checklist, it’s time to install GameGem on your iPhone or iPad. Just follow the below steps and you will be able to get the GameGem install very easily.

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad
  • Go to ‘Sources‘, tap on the Bigg Boss repo
  • Now search for ‘GameGem‘ on that repo
  • Download and Install it
  • You are done, now you can hack your favourite iOS games using this app

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Now that you have downloaded and GameGem installed on your iOS device, it’s time to start hacking and manipulating games to earn huge points or items which you might have never even imagined about.

How to Use GameGem SimCity Builtit Hack

You can use GameGem to hack SimCity Buildit by manipulating the number of different items inside the game. I am taking an example of this game but there are many other games which you can hack (Final Fantasy hack tutorial) using Gamegem. So let us get started!

  • Open SimCity Builtit in your iOS device¬†and decide which items/data exactly you want to change
  • Let the game run in background and open GameGem app home screen

gamegem cydia

  • Click on list menu as shown and choose the game you want to hack (SimCity Buildit in our case)
  • Now open the game again and note down the current number of items (gems, money, Simcity Simoleons) which you want to change
  • Go to GameGem and input that number and if the search results show too many results, buy/sell some items from the game and change that number to some other number
  • Enter that into the input search again and very fewer results will be found

gamegem ios download

  • Click on the second list button shown in the above screenshot and on the next screen, select all entries (5 here) and click ‘Modify‘ and enter your desired number of items you want as shown in the below screenshot

download gamegem hack

So this was the full guide on GameGem iOS Download and hack SimCity Buildit by following some simple steps. I hope you will enjoy hacking different games on your iOS devices using this simple guide. The GameGem APK for Android has not been officially released yet, but you will hear it first on Apps Prison if it comes out, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding the installation process or about how to use the GameGem app, comment below and I will answer your query as soon as possible. Keep sharing our content and visiting for more such cool updates.

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