Download Fly GPS 4.0.5 APK: Pokemon Go Hack

Fly GPS APK:  Hacking Pokemon Go and playing it without moving using the latest Fly GPS 4.0.5 apk is how some trainers stay one step ahead of all other players. Ever since Pokemon Go has been launched, everyone have been looking for different ways to play Pokemon Go without moving and fly GPS apk has helped people to fulfil their wish. We decided to write this to update you and share the latest fly GPS APK 4.0.5 version so that you all can download it from this post.

Fly GPS is a superb application which helps you get rid of the boredom while catching the same Pokemon again and again. The Pokemon Go server is basically designed in a way that people need to travel different locations so that they can discover new Pokemon, hatch eggs, fight new gym leader and so on. But with the latest fly GPS apk, you can do it all by just lying on your couch. It helps you to spoof your location and walk or run in Pokemon Go by not even moving.

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Is Fly GPS APK Safe? How to Avoid Fly GPS Ban?

fly gps apk

Since, we are talking about hacking Pokemon Go, it is obviously not safe to use this app on your main Pokemon Go account and risking it. We strictly advise you to use it on your spare or fake accounts using another email IDs or PTC accounts. This will help you enjoy all the benefits of using this amazing app as well as save your main accounts and be the best by learning things using Fly gps app.

Download Fly GPS APK 4.0.5 Version

We have already shared the procedure about how to download and install Fly gps app on your smartphones. So we will just provide you the link to download fly gps 4.0.5 apk below and we are also sharing our old article about fly gps 4.0.2 apk where you can check the procedure to download, install and use it to play Pokemon Go without moving.

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Download APK Android


If you want to learn how to download, install and use FLY GPS APK on your Android and iOS devices, follow the below link. It will also teach you how to solve the fly gps not working problem.

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Fly GPS not working on Redmi Note 3

It might be possible that you are facing this problem, because the fly gps apk will only work on the Marshmallow Android OS. Fly GPS app is not compatible on the lollipop OS as well. So if fly gps not working in lollipop Android OS, just know that it is not compatible.

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We hope you heard it first about the Fly GPS 4.0.5 apk on Apps Prison. Share the article if you liked it and if you have any questions or requests, let us know by commenting below. Keep visiting us for more such updates, cheers!

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