Download LeapDroid Emulator Pokemon Go GPS Spoof

Download Leapdroid Emulator Pokemon Go: Android Emulators are the talk of the town.These emulators were initially made to make it easy for the developers to test their apps on different versions of android without even owning that particular Android device. Lately, these emulators have become a utility for those who don’t want to use their Android device for installing applications. There are many great Android Emulators present online like LeapDroid Emulator, Bluestacks etc. One can also use Leapdroid Pokemon Go and enjoy the fun of the game while sitting at home.

Leapdroid emulator is one of the best contenders in the top Android emulators race that you can currently find online. The UI is simple and easy to use, it is completely stock Android. You can pull down the notification bar from the top, access quick settings etc. In short, it is 100% identical to a real Android Kitkat device.

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How to Download leapdroid emulator and install it?

leapdroid emulator

  • Download Leapdroid Emulator Pokemon Go from here
  • Once the download completes, start installing it
  • Follow the on screen instructions
  • The app will start installing. Once installed you are ready to use it.

How to use Leapdroid Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most viral game the world has witnessed after the launch of the previous viral game Flappy bird..Pokemon Go tasted success just within few hours of its release, actually the game got a tremendous response even before its release when the company had just launched a trailer of the same.

But there is a problem with Pokemon Go, the application hasn’t been properly developed yet. Not all the places and not all the devices are supported as of now. Moreover if you are a lazy guy like me and still want to experience the game without even walking in real life, then my friend, you are reading the perfect article.

leapdroid pokemon go

Thanks to Leapdroid Pokemon Go Emulator, you can now easily install the game and play it right in your computer without even moving here and there! Want to know how? Follow the guide below:

  • Make sure that you have LeapDroid installed
  • Open Leapdroid in your computer
  • Now open the Google Play Store inside the emulator to download Pokemon Go
  • Download the official version of Pokemon Go from the store.
  • Don’t open the game yet.
  • Click on the three dots on the right hand toolbar.
  • It will open the extended toolbar window
  • Select the location which you want to use and then press Save location
  • Now your location would be updated
  • Open Pokemon Go, you will see yourself on the location you chose.

Note: You can chose whatever location you want to chose for the first time, but after that, if you are going of change the location too frequently then it may lead to ban of your Pokemon Go account. But don’t worry much as the ban would be a soft ban and won’t last for long. It may last from few minutes to few hours depending upon the distance you tried to travel.

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To be on a safer side, it is better to just change your location only few times a day. This doesn’t let the anti-cheat bot doubt on you. It is all about how efficiently you are able to use this hack, if you try to exploit it then your account may be banned but if you use it wisely then you can have an edge over others for a long time.

Leapdroid Pokemon Go problems

1. Leapdroid Pokemon Go gps not found

To solve the issue of Pokemon Go GPS not found, make sure that you are connected to the internet while playing the game. If it doesn’t work then try re-installing the game.

2. Leapdroid Pokemon Go ban

If you are banned because of spoofing the location too much in Leapdroid Pokemon Go then all you have to do is to wait for the soft-ban to be uplifted. But if you are spoofing the location too much after the soft-ban gets uplifted then there’s a chance that you may face a permanent ban in Pokemon Go.

3. Leapdroid Pokemon Go not compatible

To solve this issue, you need to make sure that you are downloading the latest version of Leapdroid. Pokemon Go can’t be installed on the older version of Leapdroid. So if you are getting this issue, uninstall leapdroid and then install the latest version of the same.

4. Leapdroid Pokemon Go black screen

This happens mostly when the app hasn’t been properly installed in leapdroid. To fix this issue, go to settings and uninstall the application. Now go to the Play Store and install Pokemon Go again.

5. Leapdroid unable to authenticate

One of the most common error on Leapdroid is unable to authenticate. This issue doesn’t really have a proper fix but here’s what you can do:

  • In your Android phone, Go to settings
  • Find Pokemon Go application
  • Clear the Cache
  • Now open the game again and play!

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Hopefully the issue should be cleared by now. If it still doesn’t work then it may be possible that your account has been permanently banned by Niantic. These were the most common Leapdroid Pokemon Go issues, if we helped you in solving any of them then don’t forget to say Thanks to us by sharing this article or just say Hi in the comment section below!

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