Download Tutuapp 1.1.0 Pokemon Go Hack in iOS 9.3.3 iPad/iPhone [SOLVED]

Well, so finally we have the Tutuapp 1.1.0 Pokemon Go hack for iOS 9.3.3 version and it’s working as I have personally tested it on my iPad. A lot of users faced the tutu app not working problem and Tutu app not getting installed on iPhone or iPad. But now we have a stable version of Tutuapp and it’s working fine for all the iOS devices since we have tested there. Tutuapp Pokemon Go hack can be easily installed on your iOS 9.3.3 latest update without any difficulties. We have a great help from a commentator on one of our articles and he managed to get back joystick on Tutuapp Pokemon Go, tutuapp pokemon go android not working  and even solved the problem Tutuapp Pokemon Go not installed in iOS. So we are going to teach you the whole procedure quickly in this Tutuapp Pokemon Go hack guide. Let’s find out how to hack pokemon go iOS!

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New Tutu app Pokemon Go Android Hack

So I have finally been successful and installed Pokemon Go in Tutuapp iOS 9.3.3 latest software update and been playing it well since an hour or so. I have tested each and everything and the Pokemon Go in Tutuapp works really great now. Thanks to the Tutuapp developers and one of our commentators Jason who nailed it out with a simple tweak to download and install Pokemon Go in Tutuapp. What you need to do is just follow the procedure below and we are also including a video Tutorial on how to download and install Pokemon Go in Tutuapp not working solution. So let’s start guys, here it is:

pokemon go tutuapp ios 9.3.3 hack

IMPORTANT Pre-steps to Installing Pokemon Go Tutuapp iOS 9.3.3


  • The first step is to uninstall any version of Tutuapp or Pokemon Go already installed on your iOS device
  • Now on your iOS device, go to Settings>>General>>Reset>>Reset Network Settings
  • Enter your passcode and confirm so the settings are reset. This is because the servers of Tutuapp were facing some hiccups
  • Once you have followed the above steps you are all set with a fresh device with default network settings
  • Now just connect to your Wifi and follow the below steps or watch the video shared below as we recorded the process for you guys!

How to Download Pokemon Go Tutuapp 1.1.0 Hack on iOS Devices

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Now that you have followed the above steps and have the prerequisites for installing Tutuapp 1.1.0 Pokemon Go hack for iOS 9.3.3, let’s check out the procedure you need to follow to Download Tutuapp and Install Pokemon Go hack using Tutuapp.

  • First of all you need to go and Download and Install Tutuapp 1.1.0 for iOS from the below link

Download Tutuapp 1.1.0

  • After it is installed on your iOS device, go to Settings>>General>>Device Management
  • Tap on the device shown and click on ‘Trust’
  • Now you can Open the Tutuapp 1.1.0 to download and install Pokemon Go hack using it
  • Once you have downloaded Pokemon Go, you will be asked to Install it
  • You will be able to successfully install it this time without any difficulties
  • Again go to Settings>>General>>Device Management and tap on another device and click on ‘Trust’ to allow Pokemon Go to open
  • Open Pokemon Go Tutuapp 1.1.0 and you will be able to login using your Google Account or PTC
  • You can see the different options and the pokemon go joystick hack on the left bottom corner which you can drag anywhere you want to!

Note: I recommend you to login using your PTC account and if you want to prevent soft ban check out this trick to prevent soft ban in Pokemon Go Tutuapp and many other Tutuapp problems are solved in the given link.

[VIDEO] How To Download Pokemon Go Tutuapp iOS Hack [GAMEPLAY]

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Pokemon GO Tutuapp Problems

  • #1: has not been found in the vicinity to be reminded of the elf : This problem is usually found when people tried installing Pokemon Go Tutuapp iOS but guys it’s just a glitch, so we would like you to ignore it. And concentrate on the joystick and other options like Teleport, Walk etc. If you want, you can restart your iPad and start Pokemon Go Tutuapp again in oder to remove this glitch.
  • #2: pokestops not giving out items, can’t catch pokemons : If you cannot find Pokestops in Tutuapp pokemon go or can’t catch pokemons as they break free, uninstall the app and Tutuapp and download and install them again after resetting your Network Settings and follow the above procedure to download Pokemon Go Tutuapp iOS hack.
  • #3: No joystick tutuapp , can’t find controller in Tutuapp : A lot of people could not find the joystick in pokemon go tutuapp and the main reason is because they haven’t downloaded the updated Tutuapp version which we have talked about in this article. Follow the above procedure and you will be able to download Pokemon Go joystick hack iOS 9.3.3 easily!

Well, so this is the all new Pokemon Go hack iOS download which you all were waiting for. We have one more easy Pokemon Go iOS hack without jailbreak which we will be sharing soon in a couple of days so stay connected to our website and share this trick with your friends. Let us know if you face any problems doing this. Enjoy Pokemon Go without moving!

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