How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

As a gadget user, it is pretty obvious that each one of us want to protect your iPhone with a passcode so that others won’t get access to the sensitive data that we have been storing in our devices. This passcode provides high-level security to all kinds of data that is piled up in the iPhones. However, there are few downsides of setting a passcode. For example, if you want to modify your iPhone using the iTunes; the passcode will prevent you from doing so and therefore, you have to turn the passcode off to proceed. Every time you need to have a quick check of the iPhone; you must enter the passcode to access it.

Despite the hassles mentioned above, most of the people prefer having a passcode. But, imagine the scenario if you have forgotten it? That being said, resetting the entire phone by performing a boot operation in recovery mode then connecting it to the computer to use iTunes is the only option to get control over the device. Recently, few third-party tools are also launched to reset the locked iPhone whose passcode you have forgotten. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to factory reset iPhone without password using iTunes. Have a look.

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password via iTunes:

  1. Initially, connect the device to your PC using the cable that has been given to you. Before that, make sure that you’re running the iTunes (latest version) on your computer.
  2. Once you’ve done that, turn the device off. While press holding the home button, connect the iPhone to your PC using the cable as mentioned above.
  3. Wait until you get the pop-up on the screen with the iTunes interface opened in it and click the ‘Restore’ button. Wait till the iTunes is connected to the software update server of your device.
  4. As soon as iTunes is connected to the server, you will again receive a pop-up of ‘Restore and Update’. Access the next window and click on ‘Next’ and ‘Agree’ consecutively to proceed.
  5. It will take few minutes for the compatible iOS software version to be downloaded on the PC via iTunes. Wait for the iOS version to download so that the iTunes can automatically initiate the installation process to your phone.

 Factory Reset iPhone Without Passcode via Dr.fone:

As mentioned above there are several third party tools that can factory reset iPhone without passcode and Dr.fone has been one of those prominent tools. To start the rest with Dr.fone:

  1. Download Dr.fone from the official website and install it on your desktop to launch it.
  2. Once the software is launched, go to ‘iOS System Recovery’ and click on it. Go through all the instructions that are mentioned on the screen by scrolling down.
  3. Click on the ‘Start’ option while you transit through the windows and enter the information of your device in it and click, ‘Download’.
  4. Wait for the iOS version to download and the restoration process to start. Sit back and enjoy the ride while you can.

Bypass the Activation Lock to Factory Reset iPhone:

factory reset iphone

You can also bypass the lock in case if you’ve forgotten the passcode to factory reset iPhone without a passcode. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings and access the ‘General’ settings. From there, go to the ‘Reset>Erase all Content and Settings’.
  2. You will then be asked to enter the password to Erase the data. But as you have forgotten the password, you can’t simply use this process. In such cases, you can use the ‘iCloud Unlock’ option to unlock the activation of the passcode.
  3. All you need to do is select your phone’s model along with the IMEI code on the iCloud Unlock tool and wait for a maximum of three days to unlock your iPhone and then factory reset the device if you still need to.

By using any of the above methods, you can either get control over your device even if you have forgotten the passcode. In cases where you can’t use the recovery mode, erase the data using iCloud or force restart the phone; you can contact Apple Support so that they will help you with the appropriate solution.

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