Fire Emblem Heroes: All Error Fixes

Nintendo after appalling people with the Pokemon Go last year has finally released the Fire Emblem Heroes game for the smartphones (both Android and iOS). However, unfortunately, just like any other gaming app, some issues have been demarcated which tend to ruin the fun of playing the game. While most of the these problems are based on the servers, an email has been sent to the customer support of Fire Emblem Heroes by a Reddit user asking about the global server, its functionality, regarding the game pattern and if people can change the language and voice of the game.

fire emblem heroes errors

The customer support of the Fire Emblem Heroes replied that there would only be a single global server for the players, limiting the possibility of the region based servers and their division. However, one can change the language of the text of the game but not the in-game voices as they will all be same for every player. Having said that, it is also mentioned that if you’re facing an issue and want to report it; you have to mail the customer support with specific details regarding the device, the specifications of the device, the country, type of error that has been occurred, probable reasons for the error, what you were doing and what you tried to resolve the issue, etc. To make things easier, here are few errors that are commonly listed by the game users and ways to resolve them.

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes Communication Error:

Due to the overloading of the servers, all the devices might face the communication error. A possible fix that you can find is to wait for a while and try again when the traffic at the server is a little less. The error displays a message saying that “A communications error has occurred. Support Code: 803-0003)”. You can try quitting the game and then wait for a while to try again later. If this is being repeated, restart your phone to start all over again.

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes  803-3001 Error:

Again affecting both the Android and iOS devices, the 803-3001 error is displayed because of the overloading of the server. However, this error won’t let you play the game and restricts you from downloading the additional data that is required to initiate the game. To fix the game, just wait as mentioned above and start it later. As the crowd at the server is huge with people trying to download the game for the first time and many trying to download the additional data, all you can do is wait. If you’re an Android user, the speculations have that the rooted devices are being blocked by the Fire Emblem Fates which is not yet confirmed. If that’s the case, use another non-rooted smartphone to make sure of it.

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes 803-3003 Error:

Also a communication error; it is displayed with a popup saying, “A communications error has occurred. Support Code: 803-0003.”  You can only get through the title of the game, but the additional data won’t be downloaded as you’ll witness the error. Just like the two errors above, wait for the crowd to be cleared at the servers and wait again. Sometimes, if you don’t have a consistent internet connection; the code 803-0003 will occur which can be solved by reconnecting the internet connection or moving close to the router.

fire emblem heroes not compatible

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes Crashing Error:

Crashing is mostly seen in the iOS devices, and therefore, all you have to do is bypass the jailbreak detection. To do this,

  1. Go to Cydia and access the search option. Enter the text ‘tsProtector’ and navigate to the result.
  2. Install tsProtector 8+ and wait for the tweak to be installed.
  3. Once you’re done, go to the Settings>Black List Apps.
  4. Find the ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ in the list and turn it on.
  5. As soon as you do this, you can play the game from the jailbroken devices.

Similarly, the rooted Android phones can be pretended as the non-rooted to get access to the game. In case if the crashing is happening with the devices which are not jailbroken, you can try restarting the device, downloading the latest version of the game, re-installing the game or force quitting the game and starting it all over again. The last option that can fix the error is trying a ‘Factory Reset’ on your device.

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes Not Compatible Error:

Fire Emblem Heroes is compatible with a wide range of phones including the Android and iOS devices. Any iOS device with iOS 8.0 and higher than that irrespective of the type of device is compatible with the game provided with a 1GB RAM and any Android device with the same RAM and an OS which is Android 4.2 and higher can handle the game efficiently. In case, if your device is still showing the error; update your software or try restarting the device to fix it.

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes Japanese Voices: Change language:

As mentioned above the text of the game can only be changed but not the invoices of the game. However, you can find the Japanese dub and the English dub for the game and if you’re shifting between two it is mandatory to notice that you need to switch the game to English first and then to Japanese every time you start the game to make sure that you don’t have any issues when you’re using the language patch.

How to solve Fire Emblem Heroes ‘Download of the second batch of additional data fails at 89%’ Error:

Noticed on both the devices, this is a new error that has been popping up in the last couple of days. The issues were encountered when the downloading of the additional data reached 89%. The reason is yet unknown, and one has to restart the device to get through this phase by downloading the data all over again. Though it is reported to Nintendo by many users, it hasn’t found out a fix yet.

Having said that, there are few others issues which are not very common but with the same reason behind them (overloading of servers). Therefore, the best generic fix for all the errors is to wait for a while and try again later so that you can be connected to the server without any hassle. If nothing works, comment in the below section so that we can get back to you with possible guidance.

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