How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on Apple Watch 

About a year ago, Apple announced Apple watch which was so convenient and handy for the wearers (the consumers).  The ability to check notifications, calls and texting on certain apps all on the go was an excitement for all the wearers. The idea of using your favourite app right from a cool handy gadget on your wrist was really a cool idea. Almost every app on Apple watch was working and syncing perfectly but soon many wearers started reporting that Facebook messenger not working on Apple watch, the super gadget.

It started hanging and sometimes it was suddenly stopping hanging the watch. Well, it was an issue and many wearers got disappointed by the misbehaviour of messenger app. But now, after a year, it has come to a solution. It’s not official updated so far, But I am sure the solution I am going to mention below perfectly wins over the bug. Yeah! So now you can enjoy chatting, calling and getting notified again by the notification on the go while travelling, exercising or watching a movie right on your wrist, on the super handy gadget i.e. the Apple watch.

Well, we hope this article helps you and the methods mentioned below will fix the issue as it worked for us. So, let us jump on the methods now.

Fix the Facebook Messenger Not Working on Apple Watch Bug: Method 1

facebook messenger not working on apple watch

This quick method will allow you to resolve the issue, without factory resetting your either your iPhone or the Apple Watch. Please follow the below steps.

  • First you need to go the messenger app from your iPhone.
  • Then you have to navigate to the Settings page and then go to Apple Watch
  • Now you need to change the default replies to anything you want and get out of the settings page.
  • Now get back to the Settings, then Apple Watch and delete the entry that you earlier changed
  • And finally, return to Settings page again and close the Messenger app.

Fix the Facebook Messenger Not Working on Apple Watch Bug: Method 2

  • First try to open the messenger app on your watch. If it is troubling you, only expect it to show as “loading” and will not open normally
  • Right at this time (when the app is loading on your watch) try opening the messenger app on your phone (which should open normally) and go to Settings, then “Apple Watch”. Change the text in “Quick Reply” options to anything you want and exit Settings
  • Now, Check the app on your Apple Watch. Now it must be working fine

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Well, Still if anyhow, the above mentioned method didn’t worked out for you, then please try updating both iOS and Apple watch OS to the latest versions. Updating both the OS with the latest firmware available will surely clear the bug for you.  Below are the steps to do that with ease.

Note: To update your iPhone, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update.  Perform the same steps with your watch by going to the Apple Watch app on your phone.

This was the final method to help you resolve the issue! If you still couldn’t solve Facebook messenger not working on Apple watch problem, contact the support and get your phone repaired. Comment below if you have any kind of questions, we will be happy to assist you, thanks!

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