Download Golden Cydia for iOS | Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Minecraft PE

Golden Cydia iOS no jailbreak: Whenever there is a fan boy fight between Apple and Android fans, there is one point on which the Android users have the edge, and that is customization. Android offers a ton of customization features which allows the user to personalize his/her device according to his color tastes and other needs. On the other hand, iOS doesn’t offer much customization options. You don’t need to be sad if you are an iOS device owner as you can get tons of customization options by jail breaking your iPhone. Not only this, there are a lot more other features offered by Cydia on jail broken iOS devices. Golden Cydia for iOS is one of the Cydia sites that allows you to download paid iOS apps and games at no cost.

Golden Cydia is one of the most famous sites which is known for downloading paid iOS apps and games for free on all the jail broken Apple devices. Now you might say that there are tons of other services that allow the user to download premium apps for free, then why Golden Cydia for iOS? Well, most of the other services require you to download an additional application on your iOS device to download the premium apps but Golden Cydia iOS no jailbreak is a stand-alone website that allows you to directly download apps from the site itself without even installing any other app on your smartphone. Another good thing about this website is that you can download and install apps/games on non-jail broken devices too!

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How to Download Golden Cydia iOS No Jailbreak

download golden cydia ios no jailbreak

Golden Cydia is a free and easy to use Cydia service for iOS devices. Sometimes it may happen that the user may face some problems while trying to download Golden Cydia for iOS. You don’t need to worry as we are here to help you with the process of download Golden Cydia on your iOS device without any hassle and difficulty.

    • First of all, you need to make sure that you are using Safari Browser on your iOS device. It is recommended to use Safari because not all of the app store browsers are able to install all the apps.
    • Now in your Safari browser, put the URL given below

  • After the site loads completely, you will find that it is in a foreign language
  • Now most probably you don’t know how to read this language and that’s the only bad part about Golden Cydia. Luckily, if you have already jail broke your device then you can download a translator source from Cydia. This will make the process easier for you
  • Search for the application that you are looking to download. Golden Cydia iOS offers you almost all of the applications and games, so doesn’t matter what you search, you’ll probably find it.
  • After finding your desired application/game click on the Green Bar to begin the installation process. A pop up will show, click on install to continue the download process.
  • Now head over to the general section in settings on your phone. Now find the app profile and trust the profiles. There you go! The process is completed!

You can also download the Golden Cydia Store : HERE

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How to use Golden Cydia iOS to Get Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers and Minecraft Pocket Edition.

To get games like Golden cydia Pokemon Go hack and Subway Surfers, all you need to do is to head to the Cydia Settings. Here is a detailed guide on the same. We will also tell how to solve golden cydia pokemon go not working

golden cydia pokemon go hack

  • Open the Cydia app and click on Manage.
  • Click on Sources and now click on the Add button to add a new source.
  • A message box asking for Cydia/APT URL will show, enter the following URL in it:
  • A warning message will show up, ignore it and press Add Anyway to proceed.
  • Now again head to Cydia-> Manage tap on Golden Cydia Repo. Now search for anything that you want to install. Since we are trying to install Golden Cydia Pokemon Go, you need to enter Pokemon Go ++ in the search.

There are many other apps like golden cydia GBA4iOS, GTA Vice city, NFS Most Wanted, Movie box and Playbox which you can download as well using the above procedure. Check the video tutorial below to get a better idea.

Hope that was a helpful guide and you got the golden cydia iOS no jailbreak. If you have any problems then do let us know in the comment section below!

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