How to Unfollow Everyone On Instagram in Minutes!

Instagram is one of the most emerging social networks in today’s generation. Starting from a 10 year old kid to the adults, everyone is uploading pics on a daily basis. People follow, unfollow and send messages to each other as well. In this post, you will learn how to perform the mass unfollow Instagram process. We will share some Instagram mass unfollow tools which you can use to unfollow the unwanted and useless people/accounts in your Instagram profile. If done manually, this can take a while and waste some hours off your busy schedule. But using these tools, one can automatically unfollow unfollowers on Instagram as well.

There might be multiple reasons why you want to unfollow people on Instagram. The main reason being that many of them are inactive, since they just build their profile and never post a picture. For most of the girls and nowadays for some boys as well, there is a Newton’s third law of Instagram which says “You must follow back every user who follows you” but this is actually stupid. Why follow when they mean nothing to you? All you should do is just use these Instagram unfollow tools for iOS and Android and clean your profile to make it cleaner and professional.

Why Use Instagram Mass Unfollow Tools?

To avoid spamming and exploitation of their policies, Instagram has also imposed some rules which also has one saying that no user can unfollow more than 20 people in an hour or over 200 people in the entire day. Because of these boundaries, the whole process of finding all the inactive or useless accounts, unfollowing 20 in an hour and repeating the cycle can take all day long which is why the Mass Unfollow Instagram apps can help you to finish this task in just minutes.

Instagram Mass Unfollow iOS, Android & Desktop Tools

how to unfollow everyone on Instagram

We will be sharing 5 apps using which you can perform mass unfollow on Instagram and get rid of the unwanted people and accounts. Though before we start the list, we would like to warn you that performing this activity is against the policies of Instagram and if it catches you red-handed, it might result into a ban. So it’s quite alright to play with the fire once or twice, but do not use it regularly as it might get your account permanently banned.

1. Crowdfire (iOS & Android)

One of the best apps to mass unfollow on Instagram is Crowdfire. You can easily clean your following list using this Android and iOS compatible app using many filters available. Find the inactive users with just a finger-tap and simply unfollow all of them. Further, you can even unfollow the ones who follow you back but aren’t anymore interesting and their profile doesn’t entertain you enough. So unfollow everyone on Instagram using this tool now. Another speciality of Crowdfire is that you can schedule posts and post them at any time as well.

crowdfire app

2. Fast Unfollow (Desktop)

Fast Unfollow Instagram is a tool which you can use to unfollow any number of people from your list regardless of the fact that they follow you back or not. It is an Instagram unfollow bot which you can put on automation and it will clean up your profile in minutes. You can unfollow 200 people for free but you will be charged beyond that figure. It allows you to add 50 Instagram profiles to your account as well.

3. Instant Cleaner (Android)

Mass clean your Instagram profile in just one click using the Instant Cleaner for Android. The features of this tool include bulk unfollow users, bulk unlike photos or videos, bulk block followers and bulk delete posts. You might have to pay $5 (in-app purchase) for using all the 5 services at once, though it’s totally worth the investment.

instant cleaner app


4. Unfollow All for Instagram (Android)

This is a perfect app if you are looking to unfollow all those people who aren’t following you back. You can unfollow them all in just a single click. Using Instagram Unfollow All app, you will not have to unfollow the people one by one instead it will automatically find all people who aren’t following you back and unfollow them all which will save a lot of time for you.

instagram unfollow all

5. Cleaner for Instagram (iOS)

Cleaner for Instagram is a bulk unfollow tool which one can use on iOS devices. Along with the ability to mass unfollow Instagram account, you can even delete and unlike posts in bulk. This is one of the most beautifully designed apps so it might be fun using it as well. Using this app, you can unfollow upto 50 users at a time, block ghosts or inactive followers as well. This might be a good alternative for Crowdfire if you are an iOS user.

cleaner for instagram app

So this was our list of best tools/apps to mass unfollow on Instagram. All of these tools are really useful and efficient in terms of quality and usage. This article will surely solve your doubt about how to unfollow everyone on Instagram. The only thing which you will need to keep in mind is to use these apps occasionally only.

Excessive usage of such third-party apps which are not affiliated with Instagram can hurt your accounts and lead to permanent ban. Though, using them once or twice won’t fetch you any penalty. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and one of these Instagram mass unfollow tools will make your life easier by getting rid of the unwanted people. Cheers!

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