How to Install Afdah Kodi Addon & Watch Free Movies

Afdah Kodi Addon: Kodi is widely known for being an open source platform that lets you stream online contents and as well as play the local device files. Just like any other platform, it does have add-ons which serve as plugins for multiple purposes. Out of all the add-ons Kodi has, Afdah Kodi is an addon used for elevating the functionality of the Kodi software on the whole.

What is Afdah add-on?

afdah kodi addon

Afdah is a movie add-on published by MuckyDuck to be used by the Kodi Platform. The publisher has two different add-ons apart from Afdah known as Watch32HD and GenVideos Kodi. Mucky Duck has quite a reputation when it comes to the add-ons because of the purpose they serve and the compatibility they share with the actual platform. With the help of Afdah Kodi Add-on, one can enjoy watching Afdah movies and Afdah TV Shows in high definition at your home and get hold of the theater feel. However, just like every add-on Afdah Kodi also has some issues which are found and have been constantly updated by the developers through multiple versions and therefore one should have patience in order to deal with these addons.

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Step by Step procedure to install Afdah Kodi addon:

  • As a start, launch the Kodi application and go to the System tab by clicking on the SYSTEM tab. Now, select the option saying File Manager.
  • By selecting this, you will be shown a list of choices from which you can choose an option. Select the Add Source option.
  • Click near None and a box appears. In the box, type the URL (, as it is.) and click Done to proceed to the next step.

afdah source

  • In the later step, you will also be asked to title the media source. Start with highlighting the box and then give it a random name, say MuckyDuck. You need to remember this name.
  • After naming the file, click OK and then revert to the Kodi Platform’s Home screen.
  • Now, again select the same SYSTEM tab as mentioned in the first step to finding a set of 3-4 sub options. Choose “Add-ons” from the list.

  • By clicking this, a series of actions takes place. Select the Install from Zip file option to install the Afdah Addon.
  • Make sure that you select the Zip file with title “repository.mdrepo-1.0.2 zip and install it to install Afdah. Wait for the notification saying “Add-on enabled” on the screen which usually takes few minutes.
  • Go back to the home screen again and select the primary SYSTEM tab all over again. Choose “Add-ons” sub option and click on “Install from repository.”
  • Here you will find the Repo option of Mucky Ducks that we named earlier. Select that one and move to the Video Add-ons of Kodi.
  • In the Video Add-ons menu, you will find the list of Kodi addons that are already installed. Search for the new Afdah Kodi and click on it.
  • You will eventually get a box displaying the info of Afdah TV Kodi with an install option on the left side. Click on it to start the install Afdah addon.

install afdah kodi

  • Now again, wait for the installation to complete and for the notification of “Add-on enabled.”

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By doing this, you have finally installed the Afdah App on your device and you can try accessing it from the Home screen of Kodi platform. Under the Video, select Kodi Add-ons to find the “AFDAH” feature.  Start watching Afdah free movies and Afdah movies online through this addon and if you have any issues regarding the installation procedure, approach us for guidance so that we can help you resolve the issue.

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