How to Install Kodi on PS3 [Simple Guide]

Learn how to install Kodi on PS3, formerly popular as XBMC is an open source media centre developed as software by the XBox Media Center for playing content including videos, audios, pictures, podcasts, games and more. It is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS with a 10-foot user interface that can be used with Televisions and can be controlled using remote controls.

It allows the user to play digital media files available across the internet or from the local storage to bigger screens. Unlike Chromecast and other streamers, it is contributed across the world by 500 developers and 300 translators, who are constantly working on it to make it a bigger and better product.

kodi on ps3

The Kodi launched as an official app does not contain any database stored in it, and therefore it doesn’t work on the single server. It usually runs on multiple home servers and therefore, you have to provide it with your own content, either stored on your local storage, DVDs, or other carriers or stream the content by connecting it from the internet. Kodi can be installed on multiple platforms say Kodi on PS3 for example where you can install many add-ons and plugins like Exodus that can access the free content on the internet and then stream kodi on PS3 big screen. However, watching pirated or illegal content is not endorsed by Kodi, given that it is causing harm to people.

How to Install Kodi on PS3

Even though the PS4 is launched and is gaining significance across the world, PS3 is still known for its usage and compatibility are given the user-friendly interface. People went crazy across the world when the PS3 was launched for its ability to play to the HD games on it without any lag. Apart from being a game console, it can also be used to stream media onto the bigger screen which is why people often tend to download Kodi on PS3.

But the sad part is that you can’t actually install Kodi on PS3 because, despite having so many developers working on it; it still is not made available for the PlayStation platform and the main reason behind that might be the rivalry between XBox and PlayStation. We can only hope and wait that someone will come up with the Kodi for PS version as soon as possible.

Install Plex on PS3

Until then, few alternatives work the same as Kodi for PS3, say Emby, MediaPortal, Universal Media Server, OSMC, etc. But, Plex is undoubtedly the best alternative for Kodi that one can find with a truckload of similar features. It is on par with the usability if not the image that Kodi has got.

  • To start with, start with the PS3 console and open the store that is built in the PlayStation. On the home page, go to the section saying, “Apps”. Enter into it by selecting it.
  • In the menu, you can find several categories. Go to the “Popular” section and then click on it in order to enter into it. A list of apps will be displayed in here. Scroll down until you find the Plex App. One has to be patient to find it as it is usually found way down.
  • Click on the app to access the download option. Tap on the “Download” button and wait for few minutes for the app to be installed. Once the app is installed, click on it and click “Start” to initiate the app on the PS3 console.
  • You can also enter the app by going back to the Home Screen and then choose the TV & Video section from there. After opening the app, create a Plex account by entering your Email id and password. Make sure that you already are signed in on your PS console before doing this.

plex on ps3

  • A code will appear after you have created the account asking you to go to an URL Redirect to this URL and click the link asking you to sign in. Enter the code that is displayed and then tap on the “Link” option.
  • By doing this, you are linking your App to the console. But, you will now receive an error saying that you are not connected to the media server from which the content has to be played. To give the data to the console, you need to use your Android device.
  • Take your Android phone and open the Google Play Store to get the Plex app. Install the app on the phone and then sign in using the account details used above. Go to the home screen and tap ‘Stay in trial mode’.
  • Go to the Settings and then to the System in order to enable the three options by checking the boxes beside, “Advertise as Server”, “Show Camera Roll Media” and “Network Discovery”.
  • Making sure that both the PS3 and Android phone are connected to one network; access the videos either from the local storage or by browsing the internet content from your Android device. To do this, select the device from the right top corner on your PS3 console.


On the whole, Plex for PS3 is equally effective and can be used easily to stream the content onto the PS3 console. Therefore download it and use it until Kodi on PS3 is developed by the developers. If you have any issues regarding the installation and the streaming of the content through Plex on PS3 console; approach us so that we can reciprocate with appropriate solutions immediately.

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