How to Install Kohi On Kodi 16.1 & 17 Krypton

So I was actually trying to figure out the way to install Kohi Add On on Kodi for sometime and I’ve finally got a simple procedure which can actually do it with ease. So can’t help without sharing how to actually install Kohi Add-On on Kodi because its usefull the same way for others. Isn’t it?

So Kodi, a open-soruce home theatre software widely used for its ease accessibility and love for simplicity. I’ve personal been using it for a long time now and the Kohi Movie Add-On just adds a better flavour and more features! Actually, the KOHI Add-on for Kodi can stream movies and TV shows in great HD and FHD quality, with just one click access. It is a brand new add-on for April, 2017 and can be installed through Stream Hub Repository. So don’t worry, The steps to install it are below and will be a simple and step by step tutorial to help you successfully run them together!

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  • First, Open Kodi
  • Then Go to “SYSTEM” from the Top Left

install kohi on kodi

  • After Opening, Click “File Manager”

  • Click on “Add Source”

  • Now, Select “None” from the Browse Option

  • Just when the “Enter Paths or browse…” option pops up, Enter- (for Kodi 17.1) or ( for Kodi 16.1) and click “Done” to proceed.

  • Now, You will be asked to name it, So You can name it like “Stream” for Kodi 16.1 and “Top Tutorials” for Kodi 17.1

  • Make Sure Everything is Alright and Click “OK” now.

  • Go back to your “HomeScreen”
  • Then “SYSTEM”
  • Open “Add-Ons”

  • Click the package installer from the top left

  • Now, Click “Install from Zip File”

  • Choose “Stream” again &¬†Click on “” for Kodi 16.1
  • While for Kodi 17.1, Click on “Top Tutorials” and click “”

  • Please wait for the Add-On Notification
  • Once It pops up, now you proceed.
  • Click “install from Repository”

  • Now, Scroll and Select “Stream Hub Repository”
  • Then, click on “Video Addons”
  • Select “KOHI MOVIE ADDON” now

  • Click on “Install” and just like the previous time, wait for the “Add-On Notification” and chillax.

install kohi on kodi

  • Once Done, You’re all set and done!

We already said, Its easy and very less time consuming. I have loved the experience with Kohi movie Add-on for Kodi personally and It really bumps up your expectations! Go, Give it a try and if you have any problem which needs to be fixed asap, comment below and we shall get back to you soon. Thanks for reading and now we want you to implement this on your system. Do share the article if you found it useful, cheers!

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