PB Online for iOS: Cinema Box for iPhone/iPad

PB Online iOS Download: One thing that keeps us relaxed and excited in spite of their hectic lives. Don’t we all love watching TV shows, movies, series as a recreation especially when we have a whole busy weekend and only have got a couple of days to spend the quality time? With the technology advancing at a rapid pace, the movies are coming into our hands in the form of apps. One such App among the familiar app is the CinemaBox App that has been gaining audience day by day. The CinemaBox developers have come up with a recent version of the App, saying PB Online App.

PB Online App has a database with a library full of TV series, movies and regular updates about the recent videos making the storehouse larger and larger making this application desirable. Through this app, one can download unlimited videos and view them offline. The app is exclusively designed for the iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and is available in the Apple store, but the thing is initially one had to jailbreak the device before downloading it. However, recently few alternative methods have been developed which can tresspass it. Have a look!

PB Online App is much compatible with all the iOS devices that are greater than iOS 9.0; and is workable on devices starting from iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 7, iPad, iPhone SE and many devices. In case if you’re looking for apps that allow you access the largest database of TV Series/Shows and movies on your iOS devices absolutely for free, PB online App is one such app released for the devices. The app has been released only a while back, and it has got all the latest videos available for downloading/streaming launched in the market and therefore, it is most useful for music lovers.

pb online ios

Cinema Box App took the movie app market by storm when it was released, and all the developers started searching for ways to make it available for the iOS devices under the name CB online. However, the app got vanished from the store as it started violating the terms and conditions set by Apple. It’s only after few months; the PB online is now reappearing as the only iOS movie app available apart from the Bobby HD app. Through PB Online iOS App, you can also watch live channels, TV iOS apps and US channels using this app without spending a dime.

How to install PB Online for iOS?

As we have mentioned earlier, this application is only in its infant stage are people are facing issues while installing the app. Therefore, you need to jailbreak the device before installing it on some devices. However, you can also try downloading it without jailbreaking the device from your Apple store.

  • To do that, go to Settings and locate iTunes & App Store. Click ‘Logout’ from the popup.
  • Now, open the browser (Safari) on the iOS device and enter the below URL ¬†and wait for the website to be loaded.


  • There, you can find a green button on the home page. Click on it and allow the confirmation from the prompt that rises soon after. Click on ‘Install’ option and wait for the device to get done with the installation procedure.

cinemabox ios

  • Now, enter the menu of iDevice and find PB online App in the list. Click on the logo to open it and login using the Apple credentials that are given below.
  • Apple ID: [email protected]
  • Password: Cinema 2017
  • The app now gives you thousands and thousands of movies displayed on the interface. Click on a particular movie to watch/download it.

Alternative Procedure to install PB Online iOS App:

  1. Another way of installing PB Online iOS app is to make sure that your iOS device has software updated to the latest version. To check this, go to Settings and check ‘Software update’. Click on ‘update’ to update the app.
  2. Now, open the iTunes & App Store and enter “PB Online” and wait for the search results. Once you’ve found the right app, click ‘Get’ in order to find the ‘Install’ option. Tap on it and wait for the installation to be done.
  3. After the installation is over, find the app on the tray menu and open it to watch your favorite movie.

That being said, you can use any of the above two methods in order to download the PB Online Movies app and get the most out of the videos, TV shows, Movies and everything that has been present in the database. In case if you find any issues or errors regarding the installation or using the PB Online iOS App, you can approach us in the comment section so that we can get back to you with proper guidance in real time.

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