PokeBuddy Download: Ultimate PokeBuddy Guide to Hack Pokemon Go

PokeBuddy Download : Have you ever imagined walking or running in Pokemon Go without moving from your bed? Well, the Pokebuddy bot does this for you. We have worked a lot on this and found out this simple Pokemon Go hack to play Pokemon Go without moving using the Pokebuddy bot. This Pokebuddy guide will cover everything you need to know about this pokemon bot and how to use Pokebuddy perfectly to play Pokemon Go without moving. A lot of new Pokevision alternatives came up after it was shut down a couple of days ago, but the Pokebuddy bot is one of it’s kind and will really astonish you with it’s amazing powers. You can easily hack Pokemon Go using Pokebuddy bot which, so let’s start with the Pokebuddy guide to give you a clear view of how to install Pokebuddy and use it to be the best player!

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What is Pokebuddy Bot?


Pokebuddy bot is one of the most powerful Pokemon Go bots which was released about a couple of days back when most of the location spoofing web-apps were shutdown by Niantic. Pokebuddy is an excellent client for Windows and even Pokebuddy Mac is available so you don’t need to worry and just follow this Pokebuddy guide in order to get the most out of this amazing creation by the Pokemon Go fanatic developers. You can play Pokemon Go using Pokebuddy by just installing it and choosing several options and there you go!

Pokebuddy Features

There are a lot of features which you will love about the Pokebuddy bot, here are the few of them:

  • You can login using your PTC account or Google account
  • Farm Pokestops in any location using Pokebuddy
  • You can get the Map Objects as well as the inventory
  • You can throw berries or any Pokeballs to catch Pokemon
  • It allows you to evolve your Pokemons and remove the useless items
  • It has a very human-like walking feel which won’t make you feel bored while using the Pokebuddy bot
  • Pokebuddy bot updates automatically, so you do not need to worry about updating it regularly

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Pokebuddy Guide

Now that you know what is Pokebuddy bot and why do we actually use it in order to get the most out of the Pokemon Go game, let’s check out the Pokebuddy guide which you can follow to download Pokebuddy and start catching Pokemons in real time from any location you wish to. This Pokebuddy setup guide will help you to download Pokebuddy in a few simple steps and you will be able to play Pokemon Go using Pokebuddy bot. Here we go!
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  • Go to the below link to download the Pokebuddy bot

Download Pokebuddy 

pokebuddy download

  • Next you need to Unzip the downloaded folder and go to the ‘Loader‘ folder and click on Pokebuddy.exe
  • Once the Pokebuddy bot is installed, open it and type in ‘FREE-BETA‘ as shown below

pokebuddy bot download

  • Select ‘Settings‘ and enter your Pokemon Go username and password in the given fields and click on ‘Done

pokebuddy login problem

Pokebuddy Mac

Voila! Now you can play Pokemon Go using Pokebuddy bot anywhere in the world sitting at your home. The above method even works well to download Pokebuddy for Windows and Pokebuddy Mac. You just need to follow the above steps and you will be playing Pokemon Go in Tokyo, New York, Australia and any other country.

This was a simple Pokebuddy tutorial which you can follow in order to download Pokebuddy bot and start playing Pokemon Go easily. Feel free to drop your questions or just say hello to us. We would love to hear from you, cheers!

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