Pokemon Go 0.57.2 APK: Gen 2 Full Guide

Pokemon Go 0.57.2 APK has been rolled out and it is the first and huge update to the game after it’s launch in July 2016. The new update is also known as the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update. Niantic adds 80 new Pokemon and other amazing features like the night mode map, new berries, new encounter machines and more.

A Pokemon may react in a different behaviour while trying to catch them as well. Some Pokemon Go special items have also been added to evolve them or strengthen them to fight your rivals better. Will the new Pokemon Go 0.57.2 APK make people love this lost cute game once again?

pokemon go 0.57.2 apk

Pokemon Go Special Items

There are numerous special items introduced in Pokemon Go and we have curated the Pokemon Go Gen 2 special items to let you know how they can help you to train your Pokemon in a better way. These items allow you to either evolve or catch new Pokemon by strengthening or weakening them to be caught or evolve into a new Pokemon. Below are the purpose and ways about how to get special items in Pokemon Go.

1. Pokemon Go Evolution Items

In order to evolve certain Pokemon, you need to have several special evolution items which are listed below. Make sure you use them to evolve the specified Pokemon only.

How to Get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go

pokemon go metal coat

If you want to know how to get metal coat in Pokemon Go, then the most simple way is to get walking and explore PokeStops as much as you can. Once you find the Metal Coat, all you need to do is earn the right amount of candy and pick up the Metal Coat and evolve Onix into Steelix or Scyther into Scizor from the in-game menu. One advice we would like to give is you will find more PokeStops in urban areas so more chances of finding a metal coat for yourselves.

Pokemon Go Kings Rock

With the new Pokemon (Poliwhirl & Politoed) introduced, there was a new special evolution item added, called the Kings Rock. yet again, you need to travel around and flip the coin at various PokeStops to get one of these and by using some candy and the kings rock, you will be able to evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed or Slowpoke into Slowking. Get going!

Pokemon Go Dragon Scale

dragon scale pokemon go

In order to get Dragon Scale in Pokemon Go, you need to spin as many PokeStops as possible. You can head down to the densely populated areas or cities in order to increase your chances to find these special items. Once you find it, all you need is a decent chunk of candy and use the Dragon Scale to evolve Seadra to Kingdra from the in-game menu.

Pokemon Go Sun Stone

You must be familiar with the Sun Stone if you have been playing the old Pokemon games. If you want to evolve Gloom into Bellosom or Sunkern into Sunflora, you need to collect the required candy and find the Sun Stone by visiting PokeStops in the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update.

Pokemon Go Up-Grade

Caught a Porygon in July when this game was released? Well, the time has come to evolve it into Porygon 2 by using the Up-Grade. Just find an Up-Grade by digging the PokeStops and collect the right amount of candy and hit the in-game menu in order to evolve Porygon into Porygon 2 easily within minutes.

2. Pokemon Go Berries (Catching Pokemon Quicker)

Niantic has also introduced a new set of berries which allow you to catch Pokemon more effectively. Along with the Raspberry, there are 2 new berries added which allow you to affect the wild Pokemon in different way. Let’s find out how!

pokemon go berries

Nanab Berry Pokemon Go

The Nanab Berry can slow the movement of a Pokemon and make it easier to catch while in pursuit.

Pinap Berry Pokemon Go

The Pinap Berry doubles the amount of candy you get from catching a Pokemon.

One important thing to keep in mind here is that you can use only one kind of berry while you are catching any Pokemon. We have heard that the drop rates of evolution items is very low as compared to that of the berries. Many Pokemon Go trainers have complained on Reddit that they are not able to find the evolution items yet while some of them have got them right at their first spin at the PokeStop.

It would be really interesting if the players can find a pattern for finding the evolution items more often as the berries. Also the Pokestops aren’t the only way to get special items, however. Some level-up rewards also include Pinap and Nanab berries. It remains to be seen if evolution items will also come from other locations.

Pokemon Go 0.57.2 APK Download

You can download the latest Pokemon Go Gen 2 update or the Pokemon Go 0.57.2 APK from the link given below. Make sure you allow third party apps to be installed by going to Settings and checking the box beside “Unknown Sources”. We hope you will enjoy the new update to this game.

Download APK

We will be updating this guide with more new insights and tricks about the new Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update. In the meanwhile, you can download Pokemon Go 0.57.2 APK from the given link and enjoy the new special items and evolutions. Share the guide if you liked it and keep visiting for more Pokemon Go updates, hacks and latest downloads.

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