Whatsapp Down? Messaging App Not Working/Connecting: Twitter Reactions

Is your Whatsapp Down? There is a worldwide Whatsapp outrage and people are just waiting for the messaging app to connect but it has been more than 30 minutes and Whatsapp is not working. The people around the world have gone insane and are trolling a lot on social media at the moment. The users are reporting that when they try to send a message to anyone, all they see is that app is locked on the “connecting” screen. According to our friends, we have heard that Whatsapp is down in the UK, Brazil, USA, India and many other parts of the world.

According to the Independent, “People are unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations, according to users. And there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of fixing the issue, which is affecting many of its users and is likely a problem with its servers.”

Whatsapp Down: Twitter Reactions

We thought that we should compile a series of trolls and funny tweets for you while the messaging giant is down and make you laugh in the meantime. So here we go,

As of now the reason for this Whatsapp Outrage is totally unclear and we will update this article with the latest news and twitter reactions as well. So stay tuned as we are on the top of everything going down to serve you the best.

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