How to Turn Off Narrator in XBox One

There are a lot of accessibility options when it comes to gadgets or devices. It might be possible that people might even not know what are the different available options and how they can benefit them. One such device is the XBox One by Microsoft which allows the people to play a lot of games. This has a lot of accessibility options as well and there have been many friends of mine who want to know how to turn off narrator in XBox One. Today, I will be showing you some simple methods using which you can easily turn off the voice in XBox one.

Before we go through the method to turn off the narrator by enabling the accessibility options on XBox One, you should take note that all of this would be a lot easier if you would use the Xbox One Wireless Control. Also, keep in mind that you will have to use your voice if the controller options aren’t working because of some reason. Let’s check out how to disable narrator on XBox One

XBox One: Turn Off Narrator

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The first and foremost thing you should be making sure is that you are signed into your XBox live profile.

1. Turn Off Narrator using Keyboard

  • To turn on Narrator using a keyboard, press the Windows logo key + Enter.
  • Press this keyboard shortcut again to turn Narrator off.

2. Turn Off Narrator using your Controller

  • Go to Home.
  • Hold the glowing Xbox logo on your controller until the power bar pops up. Your controller will vibrate.

xbox one turn narrator off

  • Press the Menu button , which is under the Xbox button and slightly offset to the right.

3. Turn Off Narrator in Settings

  • On the Home screen, scroll left to open the guide.
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the menu by scrolling left
  • Choose ‘Easy of Access’ from the menu
  • Select Narrator by scrolling to the right
  • Focus begins in the area where you can turn Narrator on and off again. Press the A button on your controller to turn the narrator on. To turn it off, press the A button again.

how to disable xbox one narrator

4. Turn Off Narrator using your Voice

  • To turn off Narrator, say “Xbox, turn off Narrator.”
  •  You can even turn narrator on and off with Cortana. Just say, “Hey Cortana, turn on Narrator” or “Hey Cortana, turn off Narrator.” Though this feature may not be available in all countries or regions.

So that was all you needed to know in order to disable the narrator in XBox One console. I hope it was all easy for you to turn off narrator on your XBox One after reading this guide. I tried to explain all the methods in the most easy way possible, though if you are still stuck with anything, feel free to comment below with any XBox One problems and I will help you out. Don’t forget to share the post because if it helped you, it might help your friends as well. Cheers!

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