YouTube Black Screen in Chrome, Firefox & Android [SOLVED]

YouTube Black Screen Fix: A lot of my friends are facing the YouTube Black Screen issue on Chrome, Firefox, Android or iPhone devices while playing videos which is really annoying obviously. In order to solve this, I decided post several methods to fix this issue so that people can watch videos on YouTube seamlessly as ever. The queries that came in were like “When I try to play a video, I see a Black Screen on YouTube video player, no audio/video. How do I solve this?“. This guide will show you how to fix YouTube Black Screen on Chrome, Firefox or using an HTML5 player.

youtube black screen

There are many issues that the users face while playing a video on YouTube, one of the popular ones is “This video is not available in your country“. The Black Screen problem is the second most famous problem that many people face quite often these days. This article will show you how to solve the YouTube Black Screen issue in different browsers, so let us understand what exactly the issue is before we dive into the methods.

YouTube Black Screen Issue & Cause

Whenever a user is trying to play a random video on YouTube, he/she faces a black screen instead of what they are expecting to see visually. There will be no video or sometimes no audio as well, though most of the time the audio keeps playing in the background but there is no video playback. This error may recur if you refresh the tab or even restart your computer system.

After digging up a little bit, we found out that YouTube uses an HTML and flash player to play videos online. This error is basically caused due to some glitches inside the HTML player and since this error is very famous, we have come up with some ways to eradicate it so that everyone can enjoy the videos on YouTube without any further problems.

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen 2017

In this section we will discuss the methods to solve YouTube Black Screen error in Chrome, Firefox, Android and using an HTML player. Make sure you follow each and every step in order to get it done in the perfect way:

For Google Chrome:

  • Launch Google Chrome Browser
  • Open a new tab and type “Chrome://Flags” (without quotes) in the address bar and press Enter
  • Press Ctrl + F and type “Hardware-accelerated video decode” & Enable it
  • Relaunch the browser and play any video on YouTube again, you will no longer face the issue

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to Privacy, select Custom Settings and starting from the dropdown box, start erasing all YouTube cookies
  • Next, go to Options> Advanced>selecting the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ checkbox> Restarting the program

Using HTML5 Player:

The above methods will help you to fix YouTube Black Screen error on Chrome & Firefox browsers though if you wish to solve this error by requesting an HTML player on YouTube, you can just go to the link ( This will enable the HTML5 player and the problem will be solved instantly within seconds.

Final Words

This completes our guide on how to fix YouTube Black Screen error. We hope you were able to solve this problem and now are enjoying the YouTube videos daily. If you wish us to solve any such other problems, please contact us or comment us below. Also if you face any difficulties in solving the YouTube Black Screen error on Chrome or Firefox, comment below and we will help you out asap.

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